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Claire has a long history working with animals. Claire started working in at a boarding kennels over 13 years ago. More recently she has been a manager of a large kennels and cattery establishment in Yorkshire. The past couple of years Claire had her own grooming business alondside running a small livery in Scotter.


Emma is Claires sister and is insured to help Claire when days get busy. Along with Claire, she is a huge animal lover having horses, dog and cats. She has studied small animal care, completed level 1 & 2 in horse management and is a whizz in the office!
A keen photographer, ALL images on this site have been taken by Emma!

How we got here

After much begging to Mum & Dad for a pet we started off with hamsters and rabbits, the begging then moved towards a cat, eventually a dog and by 12 years old we had the addition of ponies (oh dear... poor Mum & Dad!!!). The feeling of owning, working and caring for animals is just as strong today, if not more so than when we were kids.

We have literary lived and worked with animals our whole life, it's what we are good at and it's definitely what we love. This enthusiasm is reflected in our services and backed up by current & previsous clients. See our testimonials here

Meet Our Own Furbabies

rescue horse

Kiz was rescued 3 years ago from a council estate, she had been a brood mare, had far too many foals for her age. She is loving life in the herd!

rescue dog

There was a reason she was named Wiz! She is 14 now, she came into the family as a 8 week old after a family couldn't care for her. She still thinks she's 2!

rescue cat

We rescued Oscar from Scunthorpe Cat Rescue in 2016, half ferral although you wouldn't believe that now! He is an outdoor cat and loves living with the horses.

spanish horse

Zeus was brought over from Spain in 2012 when Emma moved back to the UK, he was a little troubled and needed some quality time with his fieldmates.

ex racehorse

Tiggy came to us 6 years ago as a 4 year old, he was recently off the track and has taken his new role as herd protector very seriously!

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