Pet Home Visits in Epworth

Home Pet Visits North Lincolnshire

Need someone to call in and visit your pet? We can go provide food, fresh water, medications, groom and clean liter trays etc... We can also stay and provide human interaction such as play, cuddles and company. In addition, we can check your property is secure, water the plants, open/close curtains, turn lights on/off and bring in any post.

We will fit into your normal routine to keep everything as normal as possible for your pet/s. Cats especially can become quite upset and stressed in a traditional boarding facility. Leaving them home eliminates the need for transporting them, leaving them in a unfamiliar enviroment, lessen the risk of cat flu. Your cats can stay in their familiar surroundings, sounds, smells, routines and comforts.

Why Are We Different?

No extra costs for petrol costs within our covered areas, CLICK HERE to see if we cover your area. Working alongside your pets current routine, we endeavour to fit around you, your working schedule and holidays. We operate 365 days a year, offer flexibility and can usually attend at short notice when tricky circumstances arise. Plus our existing clients RECOMMEND US!

In a Nutshell

  • Make sure your pets are fed and fresh water given
  • Administion of medicines, as supplied by your veterinarian
  • Providing human companionship and interaction
  • Check your home, water the plants, close/open curtains & turn on/off lights
  • At your beck and call be it a one off or a daily requirement
Pet Visits North Lincolnshire